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Big 10 Kryptonite


• Designed by renowned Buckeye State Artist, Anita Beatty, who, among other creations, made the angel that topped the Christmas tree in the Blue Room of the White House in Washington D.C.

• Forged in the shape of a real buckeye grown in East Liverpool, Ohio.

• Brought to life by a family with long standing ties to The Ohio State University with numerous undergraduate and professional degrees.

• Buckeye tree that produced the buckeye prototype was planted for varsity football letter earned at OSU.

• Created to help jump start and bring attention to the non-profit charity "Beyond the Goal Line", which helps former Ohio State football players.

• Manufactured using the best materials and workmanship available, sterling silver (925) and highest quality stones, which are hard set.

• The Crystal Buckeye Company is a small family owned company.

• Established to help Buckeyes and continue domination of the Big 10.

The sterling silver, hand crafted Crystal Buckeyes were inspired by a tree that was planted by my father in our front yard. One winter evening we had heard some bad news about a friend that had been in a terrible accident and we started thinking of ways to help. The idea of a charity had been in the works for some time, the problem was finding the time to put it all together. We finally made the time and ‘Beyond The Goal Line’ our non-profit charity was created. We wanted a way to help start funding the charity and the Crystal Buckeye was born. The original had crystals glued to one of our buckeyes from the front yard. From this first buckeye we were able to have artists, silversmiths and jewelers involved. What you see today is what grew from long winters nights work. We hope you wear your Crystal Buckeyes with pride, we have used the finest materials we could in its manufacture.

Thank you!